— from the Greek sarx meaning “flesh”, and phagein meaning “to eat”.

Sarcophagus is a one-man game project in sandbox/survival genre. It’s heavily inspired by the works of Sisyphus and the idea of ennobling power of labor.

You start your lifespan in a shallow environment of (an allegory of) the cave and slowly work your way to a blooming garden by building and maintaining cave’s ecosystem.

By no means it’s a god sim, food always will be a problem (you must grow what you eat) and you’ll have to face some other human-specific limitations like an overwhelming urge to multitask, a pain of managing priorities, limited inventory space, absence of game’s wiki and author’s inability to communicate in good English.

The game is more on hardcore’ish/demanding/oldskool side of a spectrum and requires some exploration, learning and adjusting to its quirks.

It’s not a clone of anything, the purpose of creating the game was not an imitation of things I like but rather playing in a sandbox and looking at the ways things unfold. Sandbox game created as a sandbox project. So meta.

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Download for Mac and Windows

» Download from

Game is in development, but you can still play if desperate enough.


  • Windows: If screen is blurry you might need to check this: Sacrophagus.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> High DPI scaling override -> Application (or use run.bat to start the game).

  • Mac: Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer.

  • Mac: To fix “app is damaged and can’t be opened” launch Terminal and then issue the following command (source):
    xattr -cr /path/to/
    How to play ≈
  • Get Ice Shards.
  • Knowledge is power. Inspect everything you can.
  • Some items/blocks can be brought to The Machine for useful info and transformations - pay attention to sign.
  • The Machine is your friend.

    Start of the game:

    Game played (for a while):

    * - Not an actual gameplay video, just walking around. I'm not a letsplayer and shy if someone's watching.

    Stay tuned in the Telegram channel.